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America’s silent professionals, the US Navy SEALs, are highly trained specialists in their field. As they end their honorable, distinguished military career and enter into the civilian workforce, they do so with little to no business experience. As a result, they struggle and face adversity and frustration as they attempt to source information while juggling their second career, family, life, and change.

Phase II Consulting is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to providing pro bono strategic business consulting and business resources to Navy SEALs. We are a group of dedicated volunteers from the small business community here to support the Navy SEAL community.

Our program is open to the entire SEAL and SWCC community and is afforded to them at no cost. It is geared towards those who are looking to gain targeted business knowledge and guidance.

Through sponsorship and donations, you are helping a nation say "thank you for your service" to the humble men in the SEAL community, and allowing us to give them the gift of business resources and experience through stewardship.



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Success Stories & Client Quotes

This was so different and so much more than I expected. You’ve done an outstanding job, Brenda.
— KJ - SO Ret.
...create a business that doesn’t compete with anyone. To win business has to stop competing with each other. The only way to beat it is to stop trying to beat it. Blue ocean.

I wasn’t really thinking about this.

We are trying to raise up the individual, or small business that has legit ideas and solutions and is lean and efficient, flexible and wants to make a difference.

What a good recommendation.
— CJ - SO
We had our labor audit today and it went very well, thanks to your help. The auditors saw what we were doing and even offered us recommendations, just like you said they would.

I really appreciate your help. Without it, it would have been bad!
— BB - SO Ret.