How to Avoid Common Subcontracting Pitfalls

Businesses often partner together to pursue and perform government contracts. As a result, teaming and subcontract agreements are increasingly popular in the federal market. Because these agreements are so prevalent, so too are disputes between teaming partners. Over the years, we have represented many prime and subcontractors in disputes over issues such as work share, non-solicitation and non-competition, the term and termination of the agreement, and protection of proprietary information. In many of these cases, an ounce of prevention, in the careful drafting of the teaming or subcontract agreement, would have been worth a pound of cure and may have avoided or lessened the costly dispute resolution process.

In this webinar, attorneys Jon Williams and Ambika Biggs will share some of our war stories from disputes between teaming partners and provide tips on how to best avoid and resolve such issues. The webinar will include a discussion of disputes and teaming/subcontract provisions related to:

- Work share
- Non-competition and non-solicitation
- Term and Termination
- Protection of proprietary information

How to Avoid Common Subcontracting Pitfalls

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