Phase II Wellness Initative

Our belief is that the mind and body must be at balance in order to keep us sustained for the challenges we face in life. Our wellness initiative provides our Members with access to modalities of treatments that promote the much needed healing, pain management, and emotional care to support and sustain a post service life. Our partnership with the Renova Wellness Center in Norfolk, Virginia makes this possible as it is our mission to provide this much needed continuous care to our warriors.


physical healing

BEMER applications boost the blood flow, thus benefiting the body’s cardiac system, regenerative abilities and even mental acuity. 

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People in pain, particularly chronic pain, can experience both immediate and long-term relief from floating. For a veteran often dealing with constant chronic pain - both physical and emotional - the effortless floating experience to eliminate gravitational pull and dispersing body weight can be a relief from the signature illnesses many veterans experience.


perception reframing

The EVOX system works directly with a client’s personal perceptions. Perception is the way we feel and think about different events, people, or other aspects of our lives. Using a process known as Perception Reframing, the EVOX system helps clients discover a whole new way of seeing things.

RENOVA Wellness

The Renova Center is a privately owned office complex located in the Art District of Downtown Norfolk, across from the Harrison Opera House and next door to the Hurrah Players. They offer upscale office suites to business professionals interested in being part of an inclusive and collaborative community. Our tenants are health and wellness focused businesses, who generously support and promote each other.

Renova means to restore, renew, revitalize and when you walk into our building you will sense there is a restoration in health taking place in a relaxed and calm manner.  You will find a level of friendliness not often found in the business world. You wonder why?  How can a building 'feel' peaceful and make you long to hang out for a while?  Because the tenants contribute to a business model of abundance mentality and make a difference one person at a time.

"Saving one warrior will not change the world, but to that one warrior, the world will be forever changed."  Dr. Deb Wood